PRO Basketball Market Tips

It’s no secret that the economy is in or close to a depression. The same is true for most Asian, South American and European countries. Simply put, money is tight and teams/owners are more selective and “picky” about player additions than ever before. To increase your value as a player you must be seen. Without adequate exposure this will not be achieved. Of course attending the Diamond Midwest Invitational will drastically improve your chances but there are other steps that can be taken.

  1. Get as much recent game film together of yourself as possible (  Game film from our event will help, but you can never have too much game film. Be accessible and social. Whether you choose Diamond Midwest or another basketball exposure camp, it’s important to seek out the potential staff and scouts present. Give them a brief summary of your game and at the very least they will have a fresh memory of you in their mind and can associate your name to a face.
  2. Always stay in perfect physical condition. You never know when or if you will hear back from an agent, scout or team.  Many times you will be required to fly to a particular location on a moment’s notice and tryout or perform against other players hours after your arrival. Staying in exceptional athletic shape increases your chances of making a team and as simple as it sounds, a large number of players don’t make the necessary adjustments.

Frequently check this page. Great workouts to increase strength, power, explosiveness and vertical leaping ability will be posted within the week. Up to date information and helpful tips regarding the pro market will also be added with regularity.

We want you to attend the Diamond Midwest Invitational, but if not, at least we can supply you with helpful tools to increase your potential for success. Remember our goal is to help you achieve success at the professional level and we want to help anyway possible! Also please help us achieve success, click flash torch.