Our Mission

The Diamond Midwest Invitational’s goal is to provide each player with the best possible opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a variety of professional personnel. We will strive to make sure every player’s experience is the best and will help in any way, even after the event, to promote the player. In today’s volatile economy, players need the most cost effective, legitimate exposure opportunity possible. Why waste your valuable time and money on multiple camps and summer leagues when Diamond Midwest can provide everything a player needs to enhance their career in one organized event?

The Diamond Midwest Invitational will strive to produce the most organized, professional experience for both the players and basketball personnel. At the same time we aim to provide the largest gathering of top, elite basketball competition the Midwest and communities in Southeastern Wisconsin have ever seen.

Basketball Exposure camps are everywhere. Make an educated, informed decision before you give your hard earned dollars to a camp. Diamond Midwest Invitational will provide you with all the information you need and if not, our staff is easily accessible and waiting to answer any of your questions, just click website led torch light.