Diamond Midwest Players

Hurry, spots are almost all filled!

Participants in this years first successful event will have all their statistics and combine measurements and results posted within a week. Also, watch for the new game video link that will be added to world’s brightest flashlight‘s site in the coming days!

Each player that attends the Diamond Midwest Invitational will receive continued promotion and statistical updates even after their invite appearance. Any attending player will be a part of the DMI family for as long as they wish even years into their pro careers if they choose.

Combine testing and measurements were conducted by Carroll Univeristy’s Strength and Conditioning staff. All numbers are official and were meticulously kept.


Miles Webb
Nicholas Kramer
Logan Frami
Mike Kinsella
Brandon Powell
Courtney Davis
Karl White
Mike Kimbrough
Jeryml Jackson-Wilson
Leonard Harden III
Taylor Land
Bobby Long
Marcus Bradford
Jerry Lee Edwards Jr.
Marcus Smallwood
Fletcher Walters
Nate Linhart
Cedrick Middleton
Ben Hebl
Dan Beyer
Ezenwa Samuel
John Harvey
Luke Fitzgerald
Aaron Carter
Joe Ballard
Donovan McMullen
Bubba Walther
JR Morris
Maurice Carter
Bibi Alvarez
Jackson Capel
Drew Scott
Adrian Pickett
Ralph Martin
Jamal Walker
Jonathan Griffin
Colin Cunningham
Myles Mckay
Robert Bush
Maurice Smith
Jerry Johnson
Tony Langston
Michael Hendricks
Tyler Franklin
Keyon Williams
Lavese Jones
Jared Bailey
Corey Eatmen
Marcus Yari Thie
Derrick Sims
Cory Smith
Zack Logan
Ryan Mueller