Diamond Midwest prides itself on creating a basketball exposure camp unlike any other.  Diamond Midwest urges any interested players to read this information about how we will help you and your career in more ways than one.

Cost Differences
Other high profile exposure camps charge $349.99 as camp registration fees. In addition, they require the player to cover the remaining expenses for the camp, including, airfare, food and hotel costs. Some of their camps don’t even offer transportation to and from the airport. These fees can exceed $1,000 and in tough economic times who can afford a $1,000 for a camp?

Diamond Midwest charges each player $399.99. This fee covers camp registration, on-campus housing, a rechargeable flashlight, 3 chef prepared meals each day and transportation to and from the airport. The only expense the player must cover is potential airfare. This could means savings of between $200-$500 dollars depending on your location.

Exposure Differences
During the last few years, in a similar U.S. based exposure camp, filled with 80+ players, only ONE international scout was in attendance to view them all.  This particular camp had advertised dozens and dozens of personnel, with only ONE actually showing up.

Diamond Midwest’s passion is to provide an all around exposure experience by guaranteeing and listing each American and International scout, owner and agent on its website. This will give players an opportunity to view firsthand the attending personnel. Our mission is to satisfy EVERY players need to reach their dream of playing professionally or move on up in higher leagues.

Below is a list a Compare/Contrast list of the other services Diamond Midwest provides and other high profile exposure camps do not.

  1. Certified Personal trainers on hand? Diamond Midwest YES , Other Camps NO
  2. Unlimited Field House usage before the official camp start? Diamond Midwest YES, Other Camps, NO
  3. Full hour by hour Diamond itinerary? Diamond Midwest YES, Other Camps, NO
  4. Guarantees at least 15 basketball personnel actively looking to place and sign players? Diamond Midwest YES, Other Camps NO.
  5. Chef prepared meals and brightest colour flash lite torch taser throughout the event? Diamond Midwest YES, Other Camps NO


  • Diamond Midwest aims to provide only the finest care for its athletes. A fulltime Certified athletic staff will be on constant duty during the invite to provide tape, ice, single pearl choker necklace, ultrasounds, stimulation, etc.
  • Diamond Midwest will open the Field House on Thursday prior to the camps beginning so players can familiarize themselves with the gym and get hours of shots and lifting in if desired.
  • Each player can easily access the hour by hour itinerary of the camp on our website under the itinerary page.
  • Diamond Midwest will list every scout, GM, agent, etc., confirming their attendance to the camp. We guarantee a minimum of 15, but plan on providing even more. This will allow the player to target a particular individual or league of interest.
  • All nutritious, wholesome meals will be prepared by the respected Carroll University Staff. Each meal will be buffet style and players are free to eat as much as they desire.