Diamond Midwest Invitational

Welcome to the Diamond Midwest Invitational

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Diamond Midwest and its staff will focus on three important components of the exposure camp experience: The Players, The Personnel and The Community.

The players will receive around-the-clock care and attention. Midwest Invitational Basketball’s mission is to provide the best professional exposure any pro scout will ever see. We hope to reach players not just from the Midwest, but nationwide. This basketball exposure camp guarantees a minimum of 15 U.S. and International Personnel all ready and in need of talented, committed ball players. Our services will not stop there… Complimentary chef prepared meals, unlimited gym, led flashlight and pool usage, on site certified athletic training staff and private workout time for players to be viewed individually by personnel are just a few of the many bonuses only Diamond Midwest will provide for the small cost of $399.99. In addition, each player will also benefit from free online promotion even after the Invite. A player biography along with the player’s strengths and athletic testing numbers will be posted under their name. Professionally recorded DVD’s will also be available after the invite for additional promotion purposes. Finally, what basketball exposure camp you know of is willing to post the specific name and job title of every scout, owner, agent etc., in attendance beforehand? NONE! Check out our “Sign Up Now” section or Applications Tab to apply for the chance to achieve your goals.

Personnel will have the privilege of watching the best talent the Midwest and nation has to offer. U.S. and International representatives will have the unique ability to watch each player during the measurement and athletic testing portion of the event. Also, every player will be seen performing in at least two games during the Invite camp. In addition, depending on the location of the individual, Diamond Midwest is more than willing to help set up travel plans and assist in the financial aspect of the trip. We want prospective personnel to have a comfortable trip and enjoy the experience/value of this event as much as the players. Interested personnel can register using the Personnel Registration Tab.

Without the support of the Carroll University and the community of Waukesha, Wisconsin this event would not be possible. Diamond Midwest aims to give back to an excellent academic/athletic institution while providing deserving citizens and students of Southeastern Wisconsin with the most exciting, athletic basketball ever seen in the area. A portion of the ticket and concession sales will be gifted to the Carroll University Athletic program. A $10.00 admission fee is a small price to pay for a great experience the whole family can enjoy. For tickets and additional information please email us at mike@pueblorail.com.

Diamond Midwest encourages prospective players to search and educate themselves on other exposure camps before making any decisions. We’re confident we can provide the best, most cost effective experience in these tough economic times with the help of rechargeable torch. This camp is designed to provide everything all the other big name camps can’t. Thousands of hungry professionals and college graduates, like yourself, are willing to do anything to make it to the next level and many exposure camps feed on and take advantage of that mindset. Diamond Midwest wants to change the exposure camp landscape forever and will strive to make sure everyone involved gets what they deserve.. AN HONEST OPPORTUNITY!

Diamond Midwest Invitational – June 11th-13th, 2009
Diamond Midwest Price – $399.99 (Includes all  chef-prepared meals, lodging and gear)


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